Necklace Beauty of Nature dark

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Shapes and elements of nature arranged in perfect balance.

This necklace is handmade. The leaves of the branch and the closure are made from blackened 925 Sterling silver. The spheres of the chain clockwise: polished, black Onyx, polished Smoky Quartz (large sphere), polished Hematite, matted Hematite, polished Onyx (large sphere), polished Smoky Quartz, matted Smoky Quartz.

The necklace is a dominant eye-catcher and invites you to feel it - for example, the cool, polished surface of the heavy Onyx and the fine structures of the leaf.

The S-shaped clasp made of blackened silver is very elegant. It is easy to use and closes very safe.

The necklace has a length of about 48 cm.

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