About us

Jewelry. Nature. Art.

Perceive nature with all our senses and reflect this in a piece of jewelry; this is our passion.

The shapes and colors of nature can be seen through our entire collection. Sometimes in an abstract form, as for example in the Water Lily (Link), sometimes more realistic, as in the turquoise poppy blossom(Link).

The wish to feel it, not just look at it. Our jewelry invites to be touched and fingered. Edges, structure, smooth and rough surfaces, make the jewelry tactile. For example, you can not only see the contours of a butterfly(Link) but also feel it as an indentation, or feel the surface of a leaf(Link). The polished surface of a cool, heavy onyx is an experience; as well as the filigree structures of a light silver ball.

Jewelry is something very personal; for the wearer and for the person who creates it. We are proud that every piece of jewelry is manufactured with love and dedication to become something very individual.

Please contact us. We would be delighted to get to know you, to answer your questions and to hear your opinion. Just call us, write us a message, or swap ideas with us on Facebook(Link), Instagram (Link) or Pinterest (Link).

Greetings from Potsdam,

Zlatina Schuschel





Have a look at the creation of the Water Lily:

Creating the Infinite Rose Creating the Infinite Rose Creating the Infinite Rose Creating the Infinite RoseCreating the Infinite RoseThe Infinite Rose